You are Equipping Us to Fly

Dear FlyLady,

I just finished my WHB yesterday and I wanted to share with SOMEONE my excitement!

I recently purchased the purple rags in a bag, the Rubba Sweepa, the Detail Dusting Mitt, the timer, and the Feather Duster!

I also purchased a many-pocketed cleaning apron from another company, and today I put all to the test! I loaded that apron with all my cleaning tools, put on some VERY peppy music, and set the timer.

I finished the bathroom (swish & swipe, cleaned mirrors, emptied trash, and swept/mopped the floor) in 8 1/2 minutes! I completed all the dusting in 7 minutes! The vacuuming took the full ten, but included four rooms as well as the bathroom rugs!!! I also finished an entire kitchen wipe down, including shining my sink (!) in 9 minutes! With the 5 minutes I had saved, I flew around and emptied the kitchen trash, watered my plants, refilled my water bottle, refilled the ice trays, put away all my cleaning tools and wiped down my laptop & cell phone with their own special wipes! DONE!! In 30 minutes!!!!!

Part of the credit for this phenomenon is due, I am sure, to actually DOING the WHB every single week!

But a very big piece of the credit must go to your outstanding cleaning tools!

I am thrilled to bits with the performance of each and every one! I LOVE that everything is purple, too! So much fun that the tools are pretty, as well as highly functional! I love the purple so much!

Last week, I was shopping for tools (hammers, screwdrivers, and the like) and I happened upon Stanley tool kits designed especially for women, and I hooted OUT LOUD when I found a purple one! It resides happily in my store room now, right beside all my happy purple Fly tools!!

Thank you for equipping us to Fly!

Spreading Purple Wings in NY!

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