Things I Never Expected to Learn

Things I never expected to learn from FlyLady (and company) when I just wanted a few tips on house cleaning:

-How useful and encouraging a shiny sink habit would be when we moved into a house with the kitchen in front, where everyone sees the sink immediately.

-That it’s OK — and fun! — to give stickers to myself.

-How important regular swish-and-swipes would become when potty training a little boy (He gets stickers, too!)

-That same DS’s obsession with fire trucks and “rescue” vehicles would be so handy when the playroom needs “rescuing.”

-That a control journal would make recording a (music) CD an attainable possibility. (The control journal, and maybe more importantly, freedom from perfection!)

-How useful a hardcopy before-bed routine would be for baby sitters.

-That I no longer need to know how late the grocery store is open.

-That a wall calendar with big blocks is way more useful than the small calendar I’ve carried around with me for years. (Note: “carried around with me,” not “used”!)

-How grateful I’d be for a children’s museum membership as a gift from the grandparents, rather than more toys.

-That my way isn’t the (only) right way to load a dishwasher/fold a towel/clean a toilet/stack the books…I don’t have to go behind the two DSes (and DH) “fixing” what they’re trying to do to help.

Just wanted to express my thanks.

FlyBaby in MA

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