I Haven’t Lost Hope Though

shiniestHere is a poem from one of our Flybabies;

If You’re (almost) FLYing and You (don’t yet) Know It
by R. Kugelman

When you’re lazy, in a slump–
Go shine your sink!
When you’re tired and you’re grumpy–
Shine your sink!
When you’re cranky and depressed,
Because the house is such a mess,
When it’s three and you’re not dressed,
Go shine your sink.

Get your feet off of the couch–
Put on your shoes!
Seems like all you do is grouch…
Put on your shoes!
When the cobwebs coat the ceiling,
When your face looks unappealing,
It’s your life that clutter’s stealing–
Wear your shoes!

To yourself you must be kinder:
Baby steps.
Try ten minutes with the timer:
Baby steps.
To succeed at your attempting,
thoughts of “all-out” might seem tempting.
Don’t let burn-out leave you empty–
Baby steps.
If you don’t know where to start,
well Jump in now!

No ones’s perfect —
so take heart, and Jump in now!
Let your goals be re-designed.
Though it’s huge in your own mind,
Never fear–you’re not behind! Jump in now.

Dear Marla,

I started this poem when it occurred to me that “shine your sink” has that “clap your hands!” rhythm, and it came out so good I decided to send it to you.

I don’t have anything to put in a prose testimonial so I’m glad I can send you this, because you really have made a difference, and you’re about to make some more. <insert sound effect of sleeves being rolled up>

It’s about three years since I first read your book, and one year since I bought it for myself. I’ve started FLYing several times, but eventually fell off the wagon each time. I haven’t lost hope though. I’m ready to try again.

Thank you, thank you for your help and encouragement!

Rivka Flapping again in Brooklyn

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