Mother-In-Law Ready

Dear FlyLady,

Have I ever told you how much I just LOVE you.

My friends may scoff at my control journal – but I don’t care…the journal gives me peace. AND when my DH asks if he can help me, I say, consult the journal and pick something! It really is a dream come true for me, allowing me to basically give up control over what needs to be done to the journal so I am not freaking out the day of a party (Having one Saturday; but I only need to pick up a few things on Friday morning to be done).

My home is never more than 15 minutes from Mother – in – Law ready too…scary but true.

Laundry SorterOH and on to your laundry sorter, I have one in my laundry room with 3 larger bins behind it. I have no idea how 3 people can make so much laundry but, we do….but, here is my trick (I have a spinal fusion, so I have to do small loads to manage it). 1. sort everything into the 3 larger bins (hampers back up stairs, DH/DS job) 2. as the week progresses, use the large bins to “feed” the sorter. 3. Fold as it comes out of the dryer into a waiting basket to be put away (DH/DS again, they won’t let me carry it up the stairs) 4. Rinse and Repeat! The sorter makes the P****** size wash load for me. This way, it all gets done and I am not folding (ugh, hate it) for 30+ minutes…it’s done in less than 5!

Last night I was wondering around my home going, “Man, there is nothing to clean…my home is clean!”

A still rehabbing SHE (but, I AM getting there!)
Suzanne in NJ

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