I Made us Happy

Feather DusterDear FlyLady,

A couple days ago, I de-cluttered the shelves on my 2 living room bookcases. I took down a bunch of my DVDs, movies, etc. I asked Dear Husband to go over his collection and remove any that he did not care to keep. I went through the music ones as well. Finally, took down a few items from the knick knack shelves: A set of 4 ceramic kittens, a religious angel candle, a few other things. The stuff that I have spent time dusting, time after time, and did not really care about.

There is a new thrift shop in town. A lady opened this not too long ago, as a way to provide for herself and her family.. She is actively seeking donations of things to sell. She gives you a coupon for 10% off of any purchases you make, as a thank you for giving her your stuff to sell. I may or may not use this coupon sometime. But, who knows? Some day she may have just the perfect item that I’ve needed for years.

My donations were heavy enough I had to make quite an effort to carry them in to her. The lady seemed really happy to get these things. And I was really happy to see her reaction to the things I brought her. Made me feel good. Not even to mention how nice it is to not have to dust that clutter on my shelves any more. Two of us happy.

Flybaby in Upper Michigan


FlyLady here: Clutter is a pain to dust. I am so proud of you for donating it. We can make it fun with our Extreme Feather Duster. Click here to start having fun dusting.

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