It’s Time to Talk

I loved a testimonial I read from a woman who had allowed her disorganization to get the best of her but suddenly it occurred to her that she was making progress! She said that once she realized she’d made progress, she felt renewed and eager to continue making her home peaceful.

I think most of us want a clean, cozy, peaceful, and loving home. I know there are people who don’t care, but I’m sure you do and that caring is an important part of having your home be that way. Another important part is to see and acknowledge your progress. (If you haven’t made progress it might be time to set your timer for 15 minutes and have a talk with yourself. Take notes. You will be surprised at what you’ll find out.)

When you acknowledge your successes and give yourself credit for them, you automatically give yourself energy. When you put yourself down, you inadvertently sap energy from yourself.  Think how good you feel when you get a compliment from someone. Did you know you can get that same good feeling when you compliment yourself? When we appreciate and love ourselves we don’t need to get it somewhere else like from another person, or from food or chemicals. The woman’s testimonial was filled with high voltage positive energy because she recognized her progress and it made her happy. That energy overflowed to me. It made me happy!

We have been brainwashed to look for what is wrong rather than for what is right. Imagine seeing Angelina Jolie on the cover of People Magazine and note in your mind’s eye a big, angry, juicy zit (oh this is fun) on her cheek about the size of a dime. If such a photo was on the cover, most everyone who saw it at the check-out counter would zero in on the zit leaving the rest of her flawless skin ignored. Angelina would for sure be angry they didn’t brush it out in post-production.

Now imagine Angelina’s face covered in zits except for a dime-sized spot on her cheek that’s clear. My guess is you would not notice the clear spot!

Start noticing the clear spot. And when you do, tell yourself how happy you are with yourself.  (Tell yourself out loud if you’re alone, otherwise think it to yourself.) We’re not used to giving ourselves praise, so it might feel funny at first, but if you’ll get in the habit of appreciating YOU, you’ll discover you don’t need praise from anyone else. Your success is in your hands but it starts in your head in that miraculous mind of yours. Take some time to show yourself some gratitude.

If your New Year’s Resolution was to get organized, maybe it’s time to reframe that resolution. How about saying to yourself, “I’m going to be kind and loving to myself and acknowledge my progress every day in 2014.” You’ll be surprised what will happen this year!

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