I Decided I had Earned a Coffee

Dear FlyLady,

After spending half an hour this morning managing my emails with the ‘Delete’ key (and reducing my inbox pile of 285 emails to only 105 by removing stuff I didn’t need people to send me in the first place!) I  decided I’d earned a coffee.

I put the espresso maker on the stove top and looked around. Breakfast dishes, already washed, sat on drainer.  Laundry running. Kitchen not p******t, but good enough.  I looked at those pots.  ‘I don’t want to dry those dishes, I washed them, its not fair.” Then it hit me.  This was exactly the sort of Stinkin’ Thinkin’ Marla constantly encourages us to ditch!!

I picked up a dish towel.  By the time the coffee was made, I’d cleared the drainer AND folded a load of laundry.  And I didn’t get my coffee any slower.  (What did my stinkin’ thinkin’ imagine I was going to do whilst waiting for coffee to brew?  Write a symphony perhaps?!)

With thanks for all you do

Starting to fly in Yorkshire, England

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