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Sink ReflectionsDear FlyLady,

I have to tell you this is my second time flying. I work full time and have a DH, 2 DS and 1 DD. My first time was over ten years ago and I have to say, I am impressed all over again.

I started flying again a couple of months ago after I found your Sink Reflections in my closet. There are several concepts you have added to your program that are amazing, and I am sure due to your wisdom of what works and doesn’t over the years.

Your Morning Musings are very inspirational to me. I tried doing the Fly Lady Lite, but I now find I stay inspired by having direct access to all of the emails. I can delete what I don’t want and know it’s okay because I am never behind. However, I especially love that you have incorporated something to work on each month to establish routines.

It started with making my bed (which I never did), moving more (which I had pledged to do) and now drinking more water (something I need to do). Since we are now working on drinking more water, I have to tell you about something that happened this week.

My 12 year old DS has renal insufficiency. You would never know looking at him. He is very active and athletic. This main thing you may notice is that he craves salt and drinks a lot of water. I mentioned to him that I ordered your water bottles and told him about some of the amazing testimonials about these bottles. We waited with anticipation. We received the bottles last weekend (which came very quickly) and immediately put ice and water in them. They kept the water cold and didn’t sweat! Amazing like the others have mentioned. The next day, my DS took one to school and I took the other to work. We both refilled them in the day.

When I got home, I was disappointed to find out my DS left his water bottle in his locker. We then compared notes and were excited to find that the bottles never sweated through the day and the ice kept all day even when refilling them with fresh water. So the next day, my DS came home with his water bottle and was very excited and said, “Mom, you will never believe this! Ice was still in my bottle this morning when I got it out of my locker!” Oh my goodness, that was impressive.

You see, we live in San Antonio, Texas, and it gets quite hot here. There is no AC in schools after hours either. He said, “Mom, we need to call these water bottles “Super Fly Bottles”. That FlyLady is awesome!” That just made my day. My DS knows and respects FlyLady now! I have a couple of other things that are worth mentioning.

About 10 years or so ago I bought your feather duster. I still use it, and with a little shampoo every so often, it looks brand new. It is amazing how it grabs the dust and doesn’t shuffle it around. I have also bought the purple rags, the rubba scrubba and rubba sweepa, and the floor mop kit. Wow. I am so impressed with the quality and thought that goes into your products. I had dirty grout in my kitchen. I used hot, soap, water (soap is soap) and the rubba scrubba, and without a lot of scrubbing, I got on my hands and knees and went after the grout. A couple of passes and it is the original color again. I did not believe it. I was expecting to pay a professional to come to my house and steam clean it! I do have a big kitchen so I did a little at a time until I finished the project. What a difference! I really appreciate all you do for us.

I am honored to purchase your items since you keep free access to FlyLady. I believe if you are selling a product, then you have already tested it and it is something that you would use. Your wisdom is priceless and have helped so many!

Thank you for helping me bless my family and my home!

Flying in San Antonio, Terry

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