I Want to Shine for You

Dear FlyLady,

I have to tell you something that was kind of a shock to my system, all because of you. I have been a member of your site for years, but I have never gone ahead with anything that I started.

Well, that shiny sink has just been bothering me until I could take it no longer. It kept calling my name, and it keeps saying, PLEASE, CLEAN ME UP. I WANT TO SHINE FOR YOU! Finally I listened.

The sink (I only have a one-hole sink) had gotten so stained (it has white enamel), that it looked like it was actually that old brown color that used to be chic? Only this wasn’t chic, this was gross.  I got it all cleaned out a few weeks ago, and washed my dishes (have to do them by hand, no dishwasher). There are only 2 of us in this house, and I got to the point where a once a week dishwashing session turned into 2 to 3 hours of pure hell for me. I’m not kidding on that. I would do anything to avoid it. Until we would get down to using the last pie plates in the house as plates, I was washing one fork at a time for each meal for each of us, and if I could use a spoon, I would avoid washing a fork for me.

Finally, I washed the dishes and cleaned the sink. My husband came home from work, and he looked at the counters, and didn’t say anything because they were normally loaded and I think he was afraid to mention it.

But when he got closer and looked at the sink, ah, there was the shock. Wow, he said, that sink really looks nice! OH THANK YOU!!!!! He noticed one thing I had done and that was great. Now, here’s the part where I got the real shock.
We’re having a conference at church and I have got to do a LOT of cooking over the next 3 days. Well, with only about 3 feet of counter space on each side of the sink and that’s all the counter space I have, I needed to do the dishes to clear it so I can cook, right?

Started my water, put in the soap, started washing dishes, and then it happened! 15 minutes, on the nose after I started doing the dishes???? I WAS DONE! I looked all over the house to see if I had missed any dishes, I couldn’t believe I was done in 15 minutes, BUT I WAS!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost melted in purple puddles all over my kitchen.

Thank you for this gift FlyLady.

My counters won’t ever get stacked again. 15 minutes SURE beats 2 to 3 hours!!!!!

Flying in Iowa, Valorie!

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