Decluttering is Blessing Others with our Abundance

Dear FlyLady,

I have been decluttering my daughters room and have given hundreds of dollars worth of clothes as hand me downs. My husband and my mother asked why I didn’t try to yard sell or Craigslist to try to get some of my money back. I told them what you have been teaching us “If you bless someone with your abundance, when it comes time and you need something, it will just appear.”

My daughter has her first school pageant in a few weeks and I have been looking everywhere for her a gown. Unfortunately, we can not afford a few hundred dollars for a first grade pageant dress! I just kept praying and having faith that something would come through.

My friend was in a dress store when a teenager brought in a child’s gown in my daughters size and said please give it to someone who needs it. So, long story short, just like you’ve promised a huge blessing magically appeared!

Guess what color it is?!! Purple!!!

FlyBaby A.

FlyLady here: I am so proud of you for blessing others with your abundance. Having a yard sale only makes us feel bad. We can release the guilt and gain many blessings on ourselves when we bless others with our clutter.

The Greatest Blessing of all is a peaceful home!

We have lots of ways to declutter! We make decluttering fun! Our February Habit is declutter for 15 minutes each day. Get your Declutter Kit and let’s bless others!

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