Breakfast Pantry

Dear Friends,
As you start to get your breakfast on every morning, you will find yourself eating less, feeling better and possibly losing some body clutter off your “bottom line”.  This is how we start our engines every morning…with breakfast. We all know that if we don’t get the car started in the morning, the car goes nowhere. How true this is for our own engines as well!

I have given you my favorite, tried and true smoothie recipe. Both FlyLady and I have done a lot of smoothies in the past couple of years. Good stuff. However, there are times when you just want something else to eat for breakfast…that’s good and healthy, too! However, I am going to bet you, you don’t want to cook it either, do you?

Keeping all of that in mind, I’ve got some groceries for you to get with brand names, so you can stock your pantry, fridge and freezer for breakfast. For those who live in different countries than the US, some of this stuff may be hard to find. But a good deal of it you will be able to find or make substitutions for, no sweat!

Here’s your breakfast grocery list based on some good for you stuff that both FlyLady and I keep readily on hand:

For the Freezer:

frozen waffles (Van’s is a good brand without trans fats, they’re whole grain with quality ingredients), frozen berries and fruit (for smoothies; blueberries for lemon yogurt, yum!), frozen concentrated juice.

For the Fridge:

yogurts, yogurt smoothies (my favorite brand for both of these is Stoneyfield Farms), eggs, whole wheat tortillas, single slices of 2% lower fat cheese in sharp cheddar (great on a muffin, Kraft makes low-fat cheese the best in my opinion), salsa (for breakfast burritos: scrambled eggs, slice of cheese and some salsa all wrapped up in a tortilla), butter, cream cheese, peanut butter (if you’re buying the right kind of peanut butter, it needs to be refrigerated).

For the Pantry:

Thomas’ Light English Muffins (only 100 calories and EIGHT grams of fiber!! You can spread cream cheese or peanut butter on them for a great breakfast), Thomas Mini Whole Wheat Bagels (mini is the key word! Did you know that bagels of today are 30% larger than they were back in the 70’s??), good whole grain bread (I’m partial to Rudi’s Organic Bakery bread, particularly the 7 Grain with Flax).

All of these groceries are permanently at home in my pantry, fridge and freezer. I also have a nice big fruit bowl with Clementines (little tangerines) and bananas, currently. I snack mostly on fruit, but if the urge to eat a banana at breakfast strikes, they’re sitting right there in the fruit bowl.

Eating breakfast is loving yourself!


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