Food For Thought; Positive Persistence

Dear Friends,

People ask me week after week how to help them feed their families. They have issues ranging from picky eaters to how to deal with varying health issues. Each week, I say nearly the same thing: it’s positive persistence that wins the battle, whether you’re dealing with pickiness or a health issue. Positive persistence will make all the difference.

Webster’s dictionary defines persistence as “the quality of being persistent”. And what is persistent? It is “lasting or enduring tenaciously, especially in the presence of obstacles, opposition and discouragement”. LOL…kinda like parenting, huh?

Positive persistence is serving healthy food, day after day, week after week. It’s not taking it personally when your lovely steamed vegetables are rejected by your four year old. It’s also not accepting your child’s refusal to eat a particular (or a group of) healthy food as a permanent statement of being. The positively persistent parent is neither flustered, harried, angry nor surprised. What this positively persistent parent sees is an opportunity down the road to try again. This is what parenting is about-training a child up in the way he/she should go.

What I most want to extend to flustered parents about feeding picky children is that they are the “boss” so to speak. It’s up to you what gets poured into that child’s cereal bowl morning after morning. Your child doesn’t have a job, doesn’t earn the money, nor does he or she have the wisdom to make the nutritional decisions in your house. You do. But in order to take up your rightful authority in your home, you have to assume the role. And with that role will come opposition, whining, crying and for some, full on rebellion.

Your positive persistence will certainly go through a testing period, make no mistake about it. You will understand through your own personal experience what it means to endure tenaciously, especially because the “obstacle, opposition and discouragement” will probably be having a meltdown right before your very eyes.

Winston Churchill said, “Never, never, never, never, never give up.” He made this comment during a time of war. I’m reiterating this statement in a time of war, too. Fighting to feed your child healthfully and nutritiously isn’t easy, but it’s worth the battle scars. If you positively persist, your children will learn a life skill on how to feed themselves in a way that will preserve their health and help them live to their most optimum levels.


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