My Zen Garden

Dear FlyLady,

Cleaning the cat pan has always been a battle with my husband and our four kids. Now that there is no chance of my getting pregnant and contracting toxoplasmosis, I have taken over the task.

I realized that our Dear Cat and I share a Zen Garden. He places the “boulders,” and each morning when I Swish and Swipe, I use the litter rake to smooth the paths again. It certainly helps us all feel calmer!


FlyLady here: I can’t stop laughing about this testimonial. Just the other day Robert was telling his Brother-in-law about the Zen Garden in the Cat Box. God really does have a sense of humor.

I am so proud of you for taking over a task that has been causing problems in your home. You are helping to create a place of peace. You found a way to make a rough job easier by changing your way of thinking. Change starts in your mind. Make it fun and it will get done. This is the thought behind every tool we have in our FlyShop.

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