Finding Myself after a Tough Year

Hello Marla,

I am just overcome with purple puddles this morning.  I started with you January 1, 2014.  2013 was a difficult year for me, my Mother passed away 03-23 and I turned 50 April 1. I lost my full time job in August.  I live alone with pets.  My house had become total CHAOS, from 15 years of working 60 hour weeks.  I didn’t realize it then but I know now I was very depressed.

Some days not even changing out of my pajamas or combing my hair.  The holidays were very sad.  Fast forward to finding your website.  It really didn’t seem like I could do this at all, I thought I’d try.  Shining my sink seemed ridiculous because I have a dripping faucet that I can’t afford to have repaired, and the sink is ancient.

My house was built in 1928.  I shined my sink and placed a water bottle to catch the drips, so no splatter.  It does look beautiful!  And I drink the water from the bottle when it fills!  Just a little over a month now and the changes are so remarkable!  I feel so much better!

Taking good care of myself with your advice and encouragement, taking better care of my house.  Making so much progress one babystep at a time.  I’ve lost track of how many bags of donations I’ve taken in to the Goodwill!  I was thinking about it this morning.  I unexpectedly got pregnant when I was 19 years old and refused to get married because I didn’t love the person.  My relationship with my Mother and Father really disintegrated after that.

I attended my Father’s funeral in 1988 and was allowed to call and speak to my Mother after his passing, and not much more.  I realized this morning, while reading your email it really feels like you love me!   My son, daughter in law and grandson live in the same town as I do, don’t visit because of the CHAOS. I see them 3-4 times a week and they have noticed how much better I’m looking and feeling!

I haven’t mentioned what I’ve been doing because I’ve made so many New Year’s resolutions before and always failed and then they would be so disappointed.  I’m learning and growing so much!  I have always wanted to be a Registered Nurse.  I have an appointment for an interview 02-13 with a Career Specialist at the Unemployment office to determine if I am eligible for a re training program where I would be able to receive financial aide for Nursing School.  I have already passed all the preliminary testing.  The Specialist there says there my age is not an issue!  She says I can be 55 with a degree or 55 without a degree- my choice!

I’m doing much better at my part time job also.  I’m not sure exactly how all this has happened except that some how you loving me has allowed me to love myself and doors keep opening!  Yesterday, I had my fifth date with a very nice man I met at the Hardware Store. He chose to take me out to dinner instead of watch the Super Bowl!

I have to think my Mother would be proud of me and all I’ve accomplished in this month with you.  I now am beginning to understand she loved me as best she could.  And the biggest thing is that I need to love myself!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Wish me luck on the 13th with my interview for school.  Thank you so much for showing me step by step how to love myself and loving me enough and encouraging me enough that I am now able to step more fully into my life, and am peaceful, content, and happy!

Thank you, you are such a special friend for me.  Thank you!


FlyLady here: Wow now I am in purple puddles! I am so proud of you for taking charge and now allowing a drippy faucet to stand in your way! You used it to bless yourself! That is just brilliant! You saw your perfectionism and you nipped it in the bud! My hat is off to you!

Have you been procrastinating about shining your sink? Don’t wait another day! I never knew what I wanted to be till I got rid of my clutter. It all started with shining my sink!

Go shine your sink! Then send me an email to with MY SINK IS SHINING!

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