Rewards are Powerful Tools

Water BottleDear FlyLady,

I had to write to you about your water bottle. First I love it, it keeps my water so cold and there is always ice left in it after many, many hours. But you know that. I gave the water bottle as gifts for Christmas to my mom, aunt and sister. Received on as a gift as well as some other FLY items, was thrilled. Since the water bottle work so well, shortly after the holidays I ordered one for my DH, who also enjoys it and takes it to work.

My DS who is 5, loves Mommy’s water bottle and gets a kick out of drinking all the water out of it before I can finish it. When I ordered one for my DH, I just should have ordered my DS one as well, didn’t think it through, anyways my DS has kept asking for his very own water bottle. He struggles with bed time wetting, we have an alarm and everything to help him and have rewards for reaching so many nights without an accident.

So as as reward for going 18 days without and nigh time accident I told him I would order him one, and even have the box addressed with his name on it. Well we hit the 18th day today, he was thrilled, so as promised I ordered him a water bottle (ordered me a feather duster as well ). I can’t wait to see his face when the package arrives. Thank you for such a wonderful product, and thank you for helping me babysteps at a time live CHAOS free.

Baby Stepping in NJ


FlyLady here: I love that she is using rewards for her son! This is a great way to get things done for you too! I don’t go anywhere without my water bottle.

Set a goal for a habit you want to establish. Put stars on your calendar to celebrate your accomplishments.

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