Decluttering Piles of Shoulds

Dear FlyLady and Friends,

Wow! I love February’s Habit of the Month! I’ve used this motivating Decluttering Month in years past to get my Franny in gear, but isn’t it amazing how much clutter can creep back in when we aren’t looking?

This morning, in search of something to declutter, I hit upon my bedside table Hot Spot and discovered a giant guilt pile of shoulds. Self-improvement books I should read but haven’t, dental floss I should use more often, cuticle cream ditto, well. I’m sure every SHE knows what I’m talking about! Paralyzing Perfectionism rears its ugly head again!

The reality is that I’m too tired to jump on all of these shoulds when I get into bed, and if I’m really going to benefit from any of these should things, I need to place them where they will actually get used, and dispose of the ones that really won’t! My bedroom should be a haven of peaceful rest, with no unloved objects nagging at me, LOL! My night table just became the shiny sink of my bedroom, next to my neatly made bed (thanks to a previous Habit of the Month!), and I’ll bet I will sleep much more peacefully tonight!

Thank you so much, FlyLady, for helping us SHEs to recognize and pounce on our perfectionism in its many forms, just 15 minutes at a time! You once said that a Hot Spot is just a pile of decisions you’ve put off making and to make decisions, we just need to step out in faith. Your daily encouragement is a huge faith booster for me!

All my love,


FlyLady here; I am so proud of you! We deserve to live in a home where we are not surrounded by guilt! Keep decluttering and before you know it; your home will be that shining sink.

Have you been procrastinating about getting rid of your clutter? Start today! Set your timer and grab your declutter kit.


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