Rocking My Routines

Dear FlyLady,

Oh. My. Word.  Let me begin by saying I am a self described perfectionist, that is if I do anything in the first place. I am a busy, busy woman. I am a mother, a student and a truckers wife. I work all the time.

Until just recently, I guess I thought my house had an auto clean setting that was busted. I surely wasn’t going to be the one to fix it. I have rediscovered my wings. I have been cleaning and rewarding a little at a time. My rewards are fly items.

This particular email is about the rubba sweepa. When it arrived, I think I rubba-sweepa’d everything. Even my dog hid from me. I took it to work and oood and awed over it with coworkers. I was a cleaning fool. Tonight, I came home from work and was wore out.

My job, a Juvenile Probation Officer, is a very unpredictable one and sometimes late nights come with the job. I was too tired to do my Zone tonight. Oh, but FlyBaby, cobwebs from your bathroom is no sweat, right? Broom in hand and rubba sweepa in tow, for safe measure, off to the bathroom I went. Set your timer, I can hear your voice say. Fifteen minutes.

I could clear the cobwebs from Dracula’s castle in that time. No sweat. Two minutes in, I find myself swishing and swiping again. I filled the tub with mop water and before I know it, I am literally rubba sweepin my whole bathroom! Tile walls, shower stalls and the floor! I am rocking the sweepa and belting my favorite tunes into the handle when I realize I must have missed the timer going off. I look at my timer and I still had six minutes left!

Holy Toledo Batman! I went from not wanting to do anything to cleaning the whole room. Is it perfect? No way! Is it an improvement? You bet!

Now, although I may not have a singing career, I do have a shiny bathroom!

Thanks FlyLady for helping me help myself.
Singin’ and Sweepin’ in Arkansas

FlyLady here: It makes my own heart sing when I know you are having fun taking care of this week’s zone.

Even when you are bone tired, you can set your timer for 15 minutes and do a small blessing.  You will be surprised at what you accomplish.

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