Tough Enough for Tractors; Gentle Enough for Glasses

Purple RagsDear FlyLady and Crew.

My Dad wanted me to take some pictures of his tractors today. So I thought…Why not take along the rubba scrubba and the purple rags.  Armed with a bucket, purple rags and the scrubba I was off. I didn’t really use the rubba scrubba that much because the purple rags and some water was all I needed to clean yes you are thinking right. A Farm Tractor.

Now the tractor had been in the shed so It had been a target for quite a few birds. I’m amazed at how the purple rags cleaned up that tractor. Even the grease on the molding. I used one wet rag and one dry rag to shine the windows and clean up the rest of the tractor and parts of the bucket. I mean it’s still a Tractor it’s supposed to be dirty and greasy in certain areas. The rubba scrubba cleaned the wheels and all of the sudden my Dad thought about keeping his tractor instead of selling it. I told him that the purple rags could clean it up and keep it clean but they wouldn’t make the tractor closer to the ground. It’s a very Tall tractor. I had to stand on a ladder to clean it and for some of the pictures. I still can’t believe how quickly the purple rags cleaned the windows and most everything inside the cab of the tractor.

Then I started on another tractor. It was very old so I didn’t want to damage the paint.  The rags and scrubba were gentle enough that I could clean and not rip off the paint.    After that tractor. (Oh by the way it was freaky how the dirt didn’t stick to the rag. It would be filthy and then I would rinse it out and nothing stuck and the water was black. ) I even used the dry rag I keep for shining to clean my Dad’s glasses. He was so amazed. I had wiped on the tractor and then I very carefully checked out the dry rag to make sure nothing was on it and then I cleaned his Glasses. Let’s just say I know what they want for Mother’s and Father’s Day this year.

I was so excited I cleaned their lawnmower on my way to the car. Maybe took 5 min to wipe down the lawnmower and use the scrubba to “sweep” off grass etc. Too funny when I came home I rinsed it out again and wiped down our SUV. Then our Lawnmower.  Two purple rags, water, & a rubba scrubba  NO harsh chemicals and NO trashcan full of paper towels.  We now have two clean tractors, two clean lawnmowers, a shiny SUV and a crystal clear pair of glasses.

One Happy Flybaby S

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