Taking Pride in my Home

Dear FlyLady,

My mother’s best friend, Nancy, gave me your book over 8 years ago right after my mother passed away. I read the first page or two and put it down.

In the last month or so, a friend asked me to join her on another website’s “Clutter Free” challenge and I accepted. It got me thinking. I got your book off the shelf and have been “shining my sink” for several weeks now!

Now for the testimonial … last night my nephew and his girlfriend came for dinner. I did a quick swish in the guest bathroom, a quick sweep and mop in the kitchen/dining area and a quick mop in the sunroom – and off I went to my hair appointment. In the past, the hair appointment would have been cancelled and the rest of the day would have been spent cleaning!

After our guests left, I cleaned up the kitchen. But, there were several pots that needed to soak overnight. I said to hubby, “Man! I can’t shine my sink!” He said, “It’s okay for tonight.” This morning I had to dash out to a sales appointment and when I returned home … the dishes were in the dishwasher and the sink was SHINED!!! Of course, I thanked him for “shining my sink!”

I’ve been noticing – he’s putting things away, he’s coming in and helping me with making the bed (sometimes doing it before I get back from the bathroom) and we are working together on de-cluttering our home! We’ve always had a good marriage and now, we are beginning to have a home where anybody is welcome at any time!

I also came home to him stripping the old wallpaper off in our bathroom in preparation for painting it. This is a job I’ve been wanting done for some time now. I think that the pride I’m taking in the house is rubbing off on him!! How wonderful!!!

I am considering buying several of your books to give to friends as gifts … it would be a gift over many years!!

Thank you!!

Julie in Georgia

FlyLady here: I am very proud of my first book, Sink Reflections.

I share my story and teach you how to FLY. I want to help you find the peace you deserve.

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