How Can 15 Minutes Make a Difference?

Dear FlyLady,

My home is filled with clutter, how can only doing 15 minutes a day of decluttering make a difference?

FlyBaby M.


Dear FlyBaby M.

Your home did not get dirty in a day and it is not going to get clean overnight. You will be shocked at how good your home will look after a month only 15 minutes a day of decluttering.

When you first joined our little cyber-family; all I asked you to do was go shine your sink, lay out your clothes for tomorrow, get up and get dressed to shoes, do a simple morning routine (swish and swipe is part of that), and declutter for 15 minutes a day.

You have been a collector of clutter for many years and now we have to establish a simple little habit to help us reduce that clutter in babysteps. If I told you to back a truck up to your home and start throwing stuff away; you would run as fast as you could to get away from this crazy woman. This is why we do it in babysteps. You don’t even realize you are getting rid of your clutter. We start with a very simple hot spot fire prevention. I still have to do this twice a day to keep my favorite hot spots from taking over my living room.  We have developed some fun ways to reduce our clutter in a painless way.

27 Fling Boogie

5 Minute Room Rescue

Out with the old when you bring something new home

Hot Spot Fire Drill

Daily Mission

Over a period of about nine months of doing this every day; you won’t have too much to get rid of. I like to think of this as giving birth to a new you! With your habits combining into routines you will find that house cleaning is no longer something that you dread but something that gives you pleasure because you are blessing your home, your family and most of you blessing yourself. After all you have to do this for you and no one else.  When you get rid of your perfectionism and try it the FLY way; then you will see those ineffective habits FLY out of your door and new FLYing Routines come home to stay. Your CHAOS will become only a bad dream and your new life will have you shining like your kitchen sink!

Rock Your Routines in 2014! 


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