Today Is My Sinkaversary

Dear FlyLady,

Today is my sinkaversary! I have been shining my sink for one whole month, and the changes in our house are so amazing!

Things that have changed since I started shining my sink:

1. Me – I no longer think it takes more strength than I have to fold a basket of laundry or wipe down the kitchen counters. When I see something that needs doing, I kick that stinkin’ thinkin’ (that I’m too tired or should wait for somebody else to do it) to the curb, and I do it myself. I have so much energy! I have never felt so full of life! I didn’t know it was possible for me to feel this good. Nothing major in my life circumstances has changed – it’s me who has done the changing.

2. Our food health – I used to throw away food that touched the sink or counter because they were so dirty! Now when something falls off a plate, I just pop it back on, confident it hasn’t acquired a coating of germs.

3. My kitchen joy – I love cooking and baking! But I’d almost given up because I could never find anything and everything I needed was dirty. Now when I want to tackle dinner or a fun baking project, everything is in its place and ready to use.

4. Freedom of movement – Before I started the babysteps, I couldn’t walk through my closet or our spare bedroom/craft room/office – both were too full of clutter. Now my closet is neat and organized, with only the clothes I have room for. The spare room floor is clear, and most of the flat surfaces have been cleared off (still have to tackle the storage closet, but I know I can do it!). Yay for 15 minutes a day!

5. Freedom from perfection – I forgot to shine my sink one night. When I woke up the next morning, I was very upset with myself, but then I remembered that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be a blessing. One night of forgetting did NOT undo all the good my new habit has done! I’ve also been taking the baby steps very slowly. Although I’ve been flying for a month, I am less than halfway through the baby steps. Sometimes it takes me several days to figure out how to make a new habit a routine, but I don’t worry about it. It’s ok to go at my own pace.

6. My husband – Without my saying anything to him, he has started keeping his side of the closet neater, because he saw how I was doing it. He’s also GREAT about doing his nightly dishes chore, instead of putting it off til the morning, so that I can shine the sink!

7. Our bathtub – We had a NASTY stain on the bottom of our tub made of hard water residue, soap film, and dirt. I took your advice and scrubbed a little every day during my shower. Once I got the top layers off, I was down to where the residue was caked on like cement and wouldn’t scrub off, so I used a recipe I found on the blog DIY Confessions for homemade tub cleaner. It worked great and even put a shine back on the tub and faucets! I wanted to share it with my fellow FlyBabies who might be suffering from similar tub trouble. It is very green and nontoxic: Fill an empty spray bottle half full with white vinegar. Add 1/4 cup lemon juice. Fill the rest of the way to the fill line with dish soap. Shake gently to mix. Generously spray the tub and let soak for 30 minutes (this is important!). Then scrub with a scratch pad or Rubba Scrubba. Rinse/wipe clean. I had to do two treatments for our tub, but the scrubbing was not hard at all!


Now I am about to order my very first FlyLady product!!!! I told myself I needed to practice my routines for a month before I could reward myself with one of your wonderful items. I am so excited after reading all the testimonials, and I cannot wait to receive my new water bottle! Hubby and I have been reading about how dangerous drinking out of plastic can be, and I’m so glad that you have this wonderful stainless steel option. Next month, I’m going to order the feather duster. It looks like so much fun!

Love and huge bunches of thank yous,
A FlyBaby in Houston

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