I’m Not a Crazy Lady

Purple RagsDear FlyLady,

I have been FLYing with you on and off for about 10 or 11 years, shortly after my first child was born.  My biggest lesson when I first started was about getting rid of the clutter in my home.  It was the one thing I kept up on over the years without even thinking about it.  You gave me permission to get rid of things that I didn’t “Love”.  I go thru my kids rooms at least twice a year and the rest of the house often, getting rid of items that I just don’t need.  My house is almost always picked up and is at least presentable  because I don’t like clutter.  Thank you for teaching me to give myself permission to fling.

Last week, I finally decided to place an order for some of your cleaning supplies.  I am a skeptic.  I kept reading testimonials and thought those ladies were crazy that said they couldn’t wait to open their boxes and get flying.  Seriously, who get’s excited about cleaning?  Not me.  In fact I hate it.  I only clean when we are expecting visitors.

I received my order just a few days after placing it.  Um… yea… I was excited… but I refused to open the box right away and be the crazy lady.  Luckily we were heading out the door so I couldn’t open the box.  We got back home and there was the box.  Waiting for me.  Taunting me.  Well, I better just open it just to be sure everything is there.  Rip!  Tear!  Open, Open OPEN!!!  Nope, not a crazy lady.  Everything is there.

Then my son walks up to me and wants to eat dinner outside.  Well the glass patio table hasn’t been cleaned since last summer so I’m not sure that’s such a good idea… wait a minute!  I have a purple rag!  I got it wet with warm water and ran outside to clean the table – but not like a crazy lady.  Well look at that!  A clean table in less than a minute!  After dinner the duster somehow ended up in my hands and went to work in my family room.  How did that just happen?  And I wasn’t sneezing because the dust wasn’t just spreading around in the air.  Today, my wood floors put your mop to the test – NO STREAKS!!!  Are you kidding me???  Do you know how many mops I have tried that keep leaving streaks?

Breathe… I am not a crazy lady!  OK, well apparently I am now.  Thanks to your amazing products, I can now feel better about cleaning my home that has been clutter free for years.  Off to buy more purple rags!  I am already thinking of all kinds of places in the house I should keep one.  I am even considering painting my kitchen purple to match.  Nope… NOT a CRAZY LADY at all.

Flying like a crazy lady in Maryland

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