Snow Day as a Bonus Day

Dear FlyLady,

Today we had a snow day.  My 3 dear daughters were home playing nicely together, and I did not have to work.  My dear husband worked from home to avoid the traffic tie ups.  When I went to bed last night, I decided that if we had a snow day, I was going to use the day to do a home improvement project.

The last time we were in the zone 3, I took a good look at my main bathroom.  The previous owner had pulled down a wallpaper border that left marks in the paint.  It was really asking for a fresh paint job.  We’ve been in our house for almost two years, and I haven’t painted any of our main living spaces to make it our own.  On Sunday, I picked up a gallon of paint for that room, so if I had a day I would be ready to paint.  Today was that day.

I got up, exercised, showered and got dressed to shoes.  I headed to the kitchen for breakfast and started laundry (my regular morning routine).  I gathered my supplies and headed into the bathroom.  I had the first coat done by lunch time, and quickly finished the second coat.  I painted the trim and used tung oil to clean up the cabinetry.  I even swept and scrubbed the floor, windexed the mirror, and wiped down the toilet.  I actually finished the whole project (rehung the outlet cover, towel rack, and shelf) before dinner.

Yes, I did stop for breaks, and I was prepared with all my supplies.  I just wanted to share that the idea of a wish list for each room is a great idea.  I knew what color I wanted to use, and I was able to finish the task.

Daisy in Missouri


FlyLady here; Daisy you are so wise! We never know when the urge to work on a project will hit us. Having the supplies on hand to do the job is a great way to keep from procrastinating. A fun thing to do is to walk through your home with a clipboard and look at your home as if you were a Realtor. Write down all the ideas you have for that room. Place them in the back of your Control Journal for reference. I also like to keep the list in my phone so I will have it when I am picking up supplies. This is one more way to keep from procrastinating.

I am so proud of you for getting your Morning Routine done before you started your bathroom project. In the past we would have left everything undone and worked to the point of exhaustion. Another good thing to do before you begin your project is to think about “What’s for Dinner“. Put something wonderful in your Crock Pot and then you will not feel guilty that you didn’t have anything planned.

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