The Funny “Do It Now” Tale

Do it NowDear FlyLady,

I went in to use my rarely frequented downstairs bathroom and noticed it had started to grow some mold and needed some attention (my frequently used upstairs bathroom is sparkling clean!). I thought, “Hm, I see I need to pay some attention to this bathroom at some point” and proceeded to go through the usual “going to the bathroom” motions.

Half way to sitting down, I said outloud, “No, do it now!” So with pants to my knees, my franny waving in the air, I squirted hand soap (shrugging and saying aloud, “soap is soap!”) in the bowl, swished it, put the brush back, sat and took care of my business! Thanks for that Little Voice that guides me so well, even in ackward situations!



FlyLady here: There is nothing like the “Do It Now” Principle! It gets things done.

Do you have a Rubba Swisha in every bathroom? This makes it much easier to Swish and Swipe!

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