Surviving Two Disasters

Control Journal Dear FlyLady,

For Christmas 2004 my Mom gave me a FlyLady Control Journal. I organized everything just the way it was laid out and placed all of my important account numbers, insurance, employment, etc. information in it .

Little did I know that in August of 2005 Hurricane Katrina would hit my community. Because I had to stay at the hospital where I worked as a surgery nurse, I quickly grabbed my precious gift. All the while thinking I would return the next day.

This would eventually lead me to relocate across the state where Katrina’s sister Rita visited my family. We were then located in Texas. I am so thankful for my FlyLady Control Journal. It literally saved my sanity. I had everything I need for FEMA, my employment, my insurance and my life.

Thank you Mom and Fly Lady!!!

FlyBaby Pam


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