What’s that Smell?

Dear FlyLady,

Thank you for all that you do. It has all made a wonderful difference in our home. I am writing especially to thank you for the dryer kit.

I recently purchased it, and used it here at home. I really didn’t think there would be much there. I was amazed at what came out of my dryer. I really couldn’t believe there was that much there. We were leaving later that week to visit our son and to see my sister. My husband and I decided to take it with us, just to be sure that they were also safe from the possibility of dryer fires.

At our son’s and wonderful daughter-in-laws home, they had some but not much. Then while we were at my sister’s house we used it again. She was not using her dryer much, because it was summer and she loves the smell of clothes fresh from outside. She had also been noticing a burn smell, when she used her dryer.

My husband took out almost a wastebasket full of lint from inside her dryer. Lots of it was scorched. When she had moved to her home over fifteen years ago, the dryer was not properly hooked up. My husband, discovered that whoever had attached the dryer vent hose for her, had not attached it properly. The dryer had actually just been venting inside of itself!! No wonder there was so much lint. Thank you FlyLady for such wonderful products.

We left the kit with my sister and she has promised to use it. I am purchasing another one for myself and guess what everyone else is getting! You are right the dryer kit, our families safety is so important to us,.

Thank you again. You definitely prevented at least one dryer fire.

Flybaby S in WA


FlyLady here: Please don’t put off cleaning out your dryer. Procrastination can hurt your family. Have you been smelling something strange from your laundry room? Do you have your Dryer Lint Kit on a shelf! Use it!

Have you had any mystery smells in your house? Check out this video!

potato challenge
potato challenge
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