Drenched and Delirious

Drenched and DeliriousComing out of my chorus rehearsal the other night, I got caught in a downpour trying to get to my car! It was one of those Hollywood rains. You know, the ones you see in the movies.

We natives of the Pacific Northwest don’t usually have umbrellas, because we have what I call dashability. We dash when we have to, but I hadn’t done a night dash in such a deluge in a long time.

There are 100 women in my chorus and we all dashed out into the torrential darkness at the same time. There was sort of a cheery pandemonium. The parking lot is about the size of a football field and as I ran toward what I thought was my car (I’d hit the unlock button) taillights were going on everywhere and I inadvertently got into one of our baritone’s car. I knew instantly it wasn’t my car, because she almost fell in on top of me. We shared a wet hug and a giggle and I headed to the car next door. My glasses were fogged and streaked and it was hard to find the door handle, but I did. The door was locked. Wrong car again.

The laughter in the parking lot was invigorating and it gave me the courage to “walk on through the storm with my head held high,” (thank you Rodgers and Hammerstein) in search of my car. I’d just written a blog earlier that day for my House Fairy moms, about “playing with your kids in the rain,” and I’d asked, “When was the last time you ran in the rain with your kids, just for fun?” The thought of moms and kids running in the rain was cheering, but remember, at the time, I was at my computer with a cup of hot tea. Now I know how fun it is!

When I finally found my car I was completely drenched, but I felt just like Liesl in The Sound of Music when she danced with her boyfriend in the gazebo and then ran out into the storm and got soaked and screeched with joy. As I sat in my car, I heard laughter. It was mine! I felt silly and young and very wet. It was like magic.

I took off my raincoat and discovered Columbia Sportswear knows its business! My clothes were dry underneath! As I drove home (it’s an hour drive) I thought about what a gift joy is. It’s such a shame that as we become adults we don’t want to get wet and so miss the potential joy of a nice rainstorm.

Today, I was waiting in line at Costco and a young mom was in front of me with two young children, three and five. I asked her, “Would your kids love it if you ran and played in the rain with them and you all got soaking wet?” She replied, “Oh, I’m sure they would! I’m not sure I would, but they really would.” Her five-year-old son smiled at the thought. When I suggested she get some play clothes on and get out with them and get wet, I saw a spark in her eye. I think she’s going to do it. I’m telling you, you’re missing some fun if you don’t!

I loved Gene Kelly’s song and dance, Singing in the Rain and I’ll bet he loved doing it. Since that chorus night, I’ve been baptized into the joy rain gives us. In fact, I found a big puddle in a parking lot close to our home and I’m going to dare to dance in it. I just might have video to share with you!


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