Everyone Does Fall into Place

Dear FlyLady

I have been flying off and on for 7 months.  I had a lapse a couple months ago trying to “do it all”.  So I started over with the 31 Beginners Babysteps. I have 2 Dear Daughters 2 1/2 and 11 mos.  Flying has been a little difficult with 2 small children  but when I get sidetracked I just jump in where you are.  I have been keeping my sink shining, laying out clothes for the next day for my DDs and me, making my bed, getting dressed to the shoes, and having breakfast with DDs.  My 2 1/2 year old asked me Yesterday morning what I was doing.  I told I was making my bed and like every normal 2 yr she asked the question “Why?”.  I told her how wonderful it is to get into a made bed a night, and how nice the room looks when you make your bed.  I didn’t give the question a second thought.  I went about my day accomplishing my missions, spending 15 min in my zone, and spending 15 min in the evening on hot spots.

Now are you ready for this?

It was time for DDs to go to bed at 8pm.  I got them dressed for bed, teeth brushed, and story ready.  I went to put 2 1/2 DD in bed and it happened… HER BED WAS MADE.  I must confess I did not make it.  I asked her if she made her bed? She told me “yes doesn’t it look pretty”  I could not believe my eyes, it was not perfect but all the blankets were straighten out to the top.

YOU WERE RIGHT, AGAIN!  If you stick to your routines the rest of the family falls in place, and housework even done incorrectly blesses your family.  She has also started helping with picking up toys.  It is a wonderful feeling to watch someone so small  start flying.

This morning I gave her a FlyLady clingy of her own.  She ironically knows who you are.   Thank you for helping me to FLY, and the tools to break the cycle with my children.

God Bless
FLYing in PA


FlyLady here: Colleen, I am so proud of you! Your babies are watching. They love seeing a happy mommy!

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