No More Clutter I Yelled!

Hi FlyLady,

My name is Elena, I am a full time student and mother and a wife! Lately I have not felt the best. I have been suffering from stress and a lot of it has come from not being able to juggle everything my plate holds.

Tonight I told myself I’m going to get my house in order! I told myself no more clutter!!! No More I yelled on the top of my lungs! So I thought to myself what is the best way to get started… I googled how to get organized…and some random links popped up.

I clicked on a link that was on wiki and at the end it had a youtube link. I clicked and it was you! Telling a busy mama how to get organized. I stayed on the computer for about thirty more minutes just going through your youtube stream. And what stuck to my head was if your sink is shiny, it will make you happier!

So I started in my kitchen and I got it organized in less than an hour! From top to bottom; from this drawer to that one, I got it all done! I am so excited I’m not going to stop until it’s all done!

Thank you so much for all your helpful hints and I’ll be checking in with you as well! I know I can do this! My spring break is leading to some serious cleaning that is way over do!

Thank you so much!

FlyBaby Elena

FlyLady here: Elena please do not crash and burn! This has always been how we do things. We go “Gung Ho” and then we are burnt out! Please just shine your sink and take babysteps.

Shiny Sink Video
Shiny Sink Video
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