Are They Still Available?

Hi FlyLady,

After watching your videos on motivation and saw you have a FLYLADY mug, I want one!!! Are they still available????


Dear Christine,

We heard you and we ordered a few of them. We never dreamed that they would sell like this. If you need a little motivation to start your day then get your very own FlyLady Mug. The cartoon is on both sides so I am smiling at you from either hand. LOL

When you get your new mug; make sure you declutter an old one! Maybe two since we will always be decluttering.

Start your day with something warm and wonderful! To Drink! I love a good hug from you!


We will be discontinuing the Extreme Duster when we run out of them. We have four other items on our discontinued list: 2014 CalendarLaundry Sorterthe FlyLady Mug, and the Barbeque Set. 

The Barbeque Sets are going fast at their new price of $10. Grilling season will be here before we know it, so will Father’s Day.

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