Time to Stop Procrastinating

DLKDear Friends,

Cleaning out your dryer vent can save you time, energy, money, your home and possibly your lives. This is why we remind you so often to do this regularly. Have you been procrastinating? I know you have purchased a Dryer Lint Kit and just put it on a shelf. It is time to get it out and use it.

We received thousands of emails asking how to clean the vent properly and while there are many ways, the easiest way is to use a kit that you use with your vacuum cleaner. When we chose the Dryer Lint Kitwe looked at many different options before choosing what we feel is the best kit for ease of use, design and value.

Please make sure you check your dryer vent and hose regularly. The lint screen only traps 75% of the lint that goes into the vent and the percentage is less if you use dryer sheets. Washing your lint screen is important as well, dryer sheets cause a film to build up over the screen and can keep the air flow trapped with can also be a fire hazard. Take your lint screen out and wash it with hot soapy water and a soft brush – our rubba scrubba is the perfect tool for this. The rubber bristles grab a hold of the filmy gunk without being to harsh on the screen.

Please don’t procrastinate taking care of your families. Declutter the lint from those dryers!

It’s time to stop procrastinating,

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