I Don’t Feel Punished Any Longer

JoyDear FlyLady & Crew

I’ve been fluttering along, following your emails as regularly as I can. I didn’t understand how such a great system that works for everyone else wasn’t helping me. Don’t get me wrong, I stuck it out, but it just didn’t work.

At least it didn’t until I truly looked inside of myself & realized that one of your emails hit the nail right on the head. I was looking at it all wrong.

Growing up my mom would insist I clean my room, which I dutifully did. She would come in & inspect….if it wasn’t done to her satisfaction she would tear everything out of the drawers & closets & make me start all over again. So my earliest mindset was that cleaning was nothing but punishment.

Fast forward many years later & I’m reading an email that really made sense. I mean totally made sense. Cleaning isn’t a punishment….it’s a blessing. A clean home makes me calmer…..a clean home is a joy……cleaning is simpler than I’d ever thought.

Granted, I don’t follow your plan exactly…..I make it fun for me by watching my DVR TV shows. I watch until the commercial…hit pause….& then I pick a small task to complete. Nothing big….just something to have done. A couple of shows later….my home is clean & I’m not feeling like I’ve MADE myself do anything. I’ve cleaned my home & had fun to boot.

So, thank you very much. Thank you so very very much for giving me the opportunity to pinpoint the problem & fix it. I’m sitting in my clean home in happy tears because I don’t feel punished.


FlyBaby M in Sparks

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