Taking BabySteps to FLY and Then Soar

Dear FlyLady,

I just wanted to let you all know that I just recently ordered the “Sink Reflections” book through the Barnes and Noble website and am currently enjoying reading it, a little at a time. If it was up to me, I would “hyperfocus” on it and wind up staying up way too late reading it. It has been beneficial in the past, for study purposes as it takes me longer to process information. But, if I did just that now, I would have the book completely read by next week tops with little to no sleep! People think I am a fast reader (lol). However, I hide it well. Yes, I am a good reader, but I get books read sooner then most because I would continue reading those really good books until at least 3 AM!! Yes, I have stayed up that late trying to finish a really good book I could not put down! Meanwhile, I have a devil of a time getting up in the morning and all because I got less then 6 hours of sleep that night!!

Anyway, yesterday I started reading it at around 10 and stopped at 11 PM. I want to continue reading it because it is really good, but I know I need to keep to my before bed routine! I have been flying since last fall, but had yet to purchase the “Sink Reflections” book. I have been learning a lot through Flylady.net as I read a lot of her topics that come in on a daily basis and try to soak in what she talks about.

I have been doing well with my before bed and morning routines!  I make my bed every morning, unless DH is not working that day or is not going to work until later in the day.  I make sure I am dressed for the day BEFORE I start with breakfast too! It really has helped me and I have definitely changed for the better!!

As a matter of fact, the past two weeks I had not been feeling well…developed GERD-like symptoms (just turned 30 last fall as well). Unfortunately, the burning stomach feeling I had been getting made it difficult for me to get any “chores” done around the house.  However, despite being unable to “clean house”, I was able to do other things to make up for it.

While I was not “feeling right” I was able to start my de-clutter/organization journey by working on my food pantry, refrigerator, and my dresser. I got my food pantry looking pretty good. My refrigerator is looking decent as well, much better than before when I was just “slinging” things wherever with no rhyme or reason to it at all.

I was also “picking up” after myself and keeping up with cleaning the kitchen and the dishwasher as well…I did not let that go! I have come to realize, thanks to what I had learned these past few months, that it does not matter HOW YOU ORGANIZE something, just so long as it gets done! I thought it had to be organized like my mother’s food pantry, but not true at all! I just organized the pantry without thinking too hard about it…and it got done!

My dresser is still a work in progress, but it is much better than before as well! I am really enjoying the process as I slowly gain control of my mind and kick clutter/disorganization to the curb! Thanks to you all, I am learning so much and am taking those “babysteps” to a better, less stressful me!

That is where the book comes in. I decided, even though I have already learned what it means to “FLY”, why not read the book. I figured that I might learn even more as I read the book about routines, babysteps, and so on. Oh, I am also following your “master bathroom zone” this week as well.

I had been procrastinating getting it cleaned because it is not “disgusting” and is somewhat “clutter-free.” However, I know it needs to be taken care of on a regular basis and I could see the clutter creeping up on me little by little. Just little things like not putting my facecloth away properly causes it to look cluttered. Same goes for not putting other things away properly on my sink. I also knew it was time to work on the shower as well. So, I have been doing a little a day since Monday. Monday, I swiped the “his and her’s” sink bowls, but nothing more. I figured that would be a start for me. Yesterday, I wiped down my sink and left his alone. Today, I am going to wipe his down and get our mirrors wiped down as well while possibly wiping the tile floor as well. Tomorrow, I will tackle the toilet! A little a day definitely will get the bathroom clean again!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your original intention was to help one person, but instead you wound up helping thousands! You all have helped me to realize that I am not alone in this world. There are plenty of “scatterbrained” people. I am not the only “absent-minded” woman out there! Reading some of the testimonials brings a smile on my face, because some of the stories remind me of myself in a lot of ways! Keep up the good work and don’t stop! I love you and all that are happily flying out there love you too!

You have inspired me to blog about my journey to getting better organized. I blog about it when a “God Breeze” hits me. Just like you, I have to practically sit up in bed while trying to fall asleep and have something just pop in my head in order to blog about it. God just sends me ideas at the weirdest times and places (lol).  It motivates me to continue on my journey!

Your Very Happy Florida Flybaby,


FlyLady here; Just this weekend I was reminded that when a FlyBaby reaches out to help others that she is SOARing! I
love it! This is what happened to me.

You have to read my sister’s book. It is all about SOARing!  Hidden Treasures will help you to understand our FlyLady system.

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