Getting Ready for Summer

Hey FlyLady,

Just a quick email & photo to show off what a few minutes with the Rubba tool in the photo did. We have two deck chairs that have been on our more shade than sunny deck for at least the last three years. The chairs were left by the previous owners so their age is a mystery.

I have two sons, a 3 year old toddler & an eight month old. On one of the springlike before Spring days, now several weeks ago, we were all playing outside. I was itching to do something ‘productive’ while we were outside, so I grabbed the empty container in the photo, filled it with only a few inches of plain water and started scrubbing a chair.

No problem that the toddler wanted to scrub a few times too. I didn’t get to finish but its OK. One chair is so much better looking than the other!! Before I got to the point where I stopped, I think I dumped and refilled the bucket maybe two times, for a total of maybe 3 tubs of fresh water.

I’m not even sure what the stuff is that I was scrubbing off. I don’t care if I don’t get much more off because the seat & arm rests aren’t gross now. I am looking forward to another springlike day since it really is Spring so I can work on the second chair too.

Also, I tested a spot on the vinyl siding. It’s pretty yucky too. Just water and the same Rubba tool did a surprising job. One day, I’ll get the hose out and use the Rubba broom to attack the siding so we might delay the expense of having someone come clean it with a power washer.

FlyBaby J

FlyLady here: It feels good to play and get something accomplished. Just imagine what a little baby shampoo could do. Soap is Soap! You are practically erasing years of caked on dirt. I can’t wait to see how your Rubba Sweepa does on the vinyl siding.

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