No More Spring Cleaning on Break

Control Journal Dear FlyLady,

Here we are at Spring Break again and I was feeling down.

You see I am a teacher and have been listening to all of my teacher friends talking about where they are going over Spring Break. Florida, Mexico, California you get the picture. Some place warm. It has been a long cold winter in Michigan this year. Poor me!

I’m a single mom with 2 kids,1 in college and one living at home while he substitute teaches and hunts for a permanent teaching job . I’m not going anywhere. 11 days off boo who.

So I sat yesterday in my pajamas most of the day on the computer pinning pictures of what I would like my home to be or watching TV wallowing is self pity. Well I tell you enough of that nonsense! Today I started thinking about why I don’t want to stay home and guess who popped into my thoughts. You know who. YOU! Why don’t I want to stay home? Because it is a mess.

Last year Spring Break I rented a 30 yard dumpster, had it delivered and with the help of my son filled that puppy to the brim. I still had more clutter so had it picked up and another 15 yard dumpster delivered. No, I am not a hoarder, just had a lot of junk saved up from my mother’s and my brother’s houses after they passed away, and junk my former father-in-law dumped on me when the kid’s grandmother passed away. I had my very own Super Fling Boogie! You inspired that decluttering just as you are now inspiring this Spring Break clean up.

So here is my plan. One room a day. Top to bottom clean 15 min. at a time. I live in a little ranch house with 2 bedrooms, living room, 2 1/2 baths, and a country kitchen. Basement and garage are fine with last year’s junk out and my son takes care of them. I’m doing a little pick up now getting ready for Easter but the big clean starts Monday.

I really don’t have much clutter left after last year so this is going to be the LAST time I Spring clean. Then I can spend some time putting my control journal together and build those routines. I am finally ready to put it all together.

Thank you for all your inspiration. I have been a member for a looooooong time. Now it just feels right.


Teacher Flybaby in Michigan

P.S. I’m also starting a vacation fund so next year I will have the money to go someplace warm during Spring Break.

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