Purse Confession

water bottleDear FlyLady,

Just read your handbag declutter plan for today (Friday) and I felt very proud of myself and wanted to share my PPP (Perfect Purse Plan). First, I need to make a confession, I am a handbag junkie! I LOVE handbags and change often. This has good and bad effects! First the good…(I like to always start with the positives in life!)…changing bags means I need to de-clutter often! However, the down side is that I often forgot to transfer all that I need!

Then one day, I purchased a small bag to organize my craft supplies and before I got around to doing that (confession #2: I am a procrastinator as well as a handbag collector!) I realized the bag was perfect as a handbag caddy! The inside has space for my wallet, make-up case and other bulky items, while the outside pockets are perfect for my cell phone, water bottle, train card, date book, keys and even a pocket for putting in all my receipts for that day! Now, it is one easy step to transferring all my needs. The additional beauty of this is that it is easier to clean out and reorganize than a handbag.

Hope you will pass this on!

With Friendly Greetings!
Irene in Norway

FlyLady here: I just changed purses last night. I don’t change often. I love12 oz and 16 ozhaving a purse that will hold my water bottle. The best part of our water bottle is that it does not sweat. Our smaller water bottle fits in most purses.

Friday is clean out your purse day. Don’t Procrastinate. Put all your receipts away so you have them next year to do your taxes.

Procrastination causes an avalanche of things undone. Wallet

Better clear out your wallet too. I am changing out my wallet today.


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