How Do I Add My Shower to Daily Routine

Swish and SwipeDear FlyLady,

Do the Rubba Scrubba and Rags in a Bag work on a ceramic tile shower too? I have been swishing and swiping my toilet and sink but I have to admit my shower has gotten nasty!! I have soap film and mold all over. (I can’t believe I just admitted that to everyone!) But I have never found products that help me keep it clean or that can clean it very well. I’m always afraid of the toxicity of it since we don’t have a bathroom window. Any ideas would be appreciated so I can add my shower to my daily Swish and Swipe routine!



Dear Summer,

A little elbow grease is never toxic. What we recommend for your shower is while you are taking your shower, clean just a little of it each day. Eventually it will be as shiny as your sink. The soap I recommend is the same soap you use on your body. That is the soap film that is on the walls anyway. Soap is soap!

To keep the shower door or curtain open so that it will dry. Once the shower dries then you can close the curtain. Run a little fan to keep the air moving. It is the daily routine of swishing and swiping your shower that keeps the soap film and mold away.

Yes the Rubba Scrubba and the Rags in a Bag do work well in your tub and shower. I keep one in my tub for exfoliating dry skin on my legs and arms.

Dear FlyLady,

The Swish and Swipe is the greatest thing ever.

I used to loath cleaning the bathroom, particularly the shower and tub. I would let the bathroom get really bad and then do a marathon cleaning. I hated doing the marathon cleaning so I wouldn’t do it again for a long time. These days, my bathroom is always clean. Just a quick swipe each day is all it takes – it’s really true!

I wanted to share how I clean the shower and tub – the area I truly dreaded.

I keep a Rubba Scrubba and a Purple Rag in the shower.

The Rubba Scrubba cleans the caulk between the tub and shower walls. It’s abrasive enough to clean it, but gentle enough not to tear it.

I use the Purple Rag to wipe down the shower walls and tub. It works better than anything I have tried. The rag grabs the soap film and lifts it right off. It also shines the faucets beautifully. Now, this may sound weird, but I put the rag on the floor of the tub and move it around with my foot while showering. Believe it or not, it cleans the bottom of the tub with the greatest of ease.

Thanks to you I always have a clean bathroom and I enjoy keeping it clean.

Flybaby Chris in MN

The Rubba Scrubba and the Purple Rags in A Bag are great tools that are helping this FlyBaby bless her shower and tub!

When you are finished with the purple rags you can rinse them out by hand with a little soap and water and hang to dry. Please rinse them well. They are ready to use again!

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