The Kids Are All Gone

FLYing ExampleDear FlyLady,

Hello! I live in Arkansas and about a year ago my daughter told me about your website.  So I visited and joined and started doing some of the things you have taught us to do.

It was working very well and I was making progress. Both of our daughters had just gotten married 3 weeks apart and I had things from their time at home and from the weddings. When I looked around my house I was just overwhelmed. Then, since the kids were gone and we actually had money at the end of the month, we decided to have all new flooring put in our home. When it came time to paint and put everything back, I decided to start FLYing and it has worked out great.

I have started a routine and since I am a housewife, I can make sure my day goes the way I want. I have time for my scrapbooking, genealogy, and sewing. My husband has noticed and decided he needs to do a 27 fling boogie on his closet since now all the laundry is done all the time and the closet is very cramped.

I get fresh flowers for the dining table every week and actually use the charger plates on the table and all the good linens. My husband is picking up on the FlyLady lingo and tells me how nice my shiny sink is. It is so great.

Thanks for everything
FlyBaby in Arkansas

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