Kitchen Sink Procrastination

Rubba Dish BrushesDear Friends,

Do you ever feel that you are behind the eight ball when it comes to going into the kitchen to cook? Is your sink filled with dirty dishes and mystery water? Had you just rather pile everyone in the car and go out to dinner than face that mountain of dirty dishes? You may be suffering from Kitchen Sink Procrastination.

As I think about it; your shiny sink may just be the most important decision you ever make for your future! If a sink full of dirty dishes will cause you to spend money eating out when you have food in the house then a shiny sink might actually help you release some debt.

Shiny sinks in the morning help you start your day with a sense of peace! You can make breakfast, fix lunches and brew coffee without feeling behind. Not only do you feel peace but look at the money you have saved by this one simple act of doing the dishes and wiping your sink dry till it shines.

When I got organized I started with shining my sink. I picked this one habit out of all the others because my husband asked me to keep one side of the sink open so he could get a drink of water and make coffee. I had no idea what an impact it would have on our home or the world.

The sink is a tool in the center of your kitchen. When that tool is ready to be used at a moment’s notice, we don’t feel behind. We are not overwhelmed by having to do yesterday’s dishes in order to put dinner on the table. My first habit was just to keep my sink clean and shiny.

If you notice I didn’t pile on! I was not REQUIRED to do anything else. BUT when a sink is that pretty; you wouldn’t dare put a dirty dish in it. That is when that shine started to work it’s magic around my kitchen. My dishwasher got emptied as soon as it finished because I needed a dirty dish disposal unit. Counter tops were cleared and the stove seemed to be begging to be shined too! After all everything in the kitchen was enjoying the shine of my sink.

When your kitchen is clean then the rest of the house follows its lead. Before you know it that little shiny sink habit has your house looking pretty good! And all you were required to do was keep your sink clean and shiny!

Here are some tips for not getting overwhelmed in the kitchen especially for big family gatherings:

1. Put out a fresh dish towel and dish rag every evening after you shine your sink. 
2. Whenever you go into the kitchen to cook; start with a sink full of hot soapy water.
3. Prepare one item at a time and do not multi-task. That is how things get burned.
4. As you get something out of the refrigerator then put it back. 
5. Throw away trash immediately.
6. As you dirty up a dish place it into the hot soapy water.
7. After the dish has been put together and ready to cook; clean up all the dirty dishes
8. Then put all the dishes away. 
9. Wipe down all the counters. 
10. Drain dish water and shine your sink! 
11. Sit down and rest with a cup of tea before you start a new project.

That shiny sink is going to give you patience too. When your children want to help you make cookies you will be excited about teaching them. This is such a blessing to you and to them. They will be learning skills that will prepare them for their future. You will be passing down your traditions. I learned to shine my sink from my grandmother.

Are your ready to FLY!


I have had my hands in a lot of hot soapy water lately. Recently I started using our Rubber Dish Brushes. They are going to keep my hands from getting dried and cracked while I doing some extra cooking. They do a great job cleaning my tools with little holes and grooves; grater, ricer and mixer beaters.

Our Rubba Tools will change your attitude about cleaning just about anything!

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