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Beautiful BedroomDear FlyLady,

My husband loves it when we come into our bedroom at night and the bed is made. I also love it, as it always puts a smile on my face and makes me happy just before going to bed.

I have been a FlyBaby since May of 2002 and I am still working on my routines and decluttering. I want to be an encouragement to those other FlyBabies who have not gotten their house in shape in just a week or two like some of the testimonials that come in. Remember to just compare yourself to where you started and not to how others are doing. The goal is Progress – not the other “P” word.

Making my bed became a habit even before shining my sink, due to the fact that to my husband it was just like me telling him how much I love him right before going to bed. My husband is always encouraging me to declutter and is willing to help with routines to keep our home clean. Our favorites are the made bed when we go to sleep and then a clean kitchen to wake up to in the morning.

Thank you for helping me tell my husband I love him with a clean house. Now if I put off my routines and the house starts getting messy, DH just says, “hey, we need to do a 15 minute FlyLady Thingy” and then offers to help – so really with the two of us we get 30 minutes done at once.

Some of my favorite things I have learned from you are…

– That I am not behind and .. TO JUST JUMP IN WHERE WE ARE….
– Doing house work incorrectly still blesses my family.
– DING – Do It Now Girl! (I tell myself this when I start to put off a small task.)
– My Bedroom is not a dumping zone.
– You can clean just the dirty spots on the kitchen floor and not sweep and mop the whole floor.
– To see what I can accomplish on my countertop hotspot while I am waiting on the microwave to finish.
– Getting rid of STUFF (Something That Undermines Family Fun) -gives me more time. (Don’t love it, use it, need it.. then FLING IT)
– The Best Things in Life Aren’t Things (Before when I wasn’t willing to declutter my DH thought I loved my things more than him. I was really sadden when he told me that.)
– Not feeling guilty for Blessing others with things that people gave me.
– FACE = Financial Awareness Continually Empowers: Now that I am finally working on FACEing my Finances I really do ask myself the questions you gave us of : Do I have a place for you? What are you going to replace? Do I love you enough to clean you? Do you make me smile?

Thank you and your crew for all that you do. It feels great to know you are proud of what I have accomplished and will keep encouraging me to keep up the good work as I continue to improve my routines and decluttering. You have made our home a happier place to be and we enjoy being here now.

God Bless you all.

Brooksville, FL

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