What Is The Rubba Craze?

Rubba PackageDear FlyLady,

I’ve recently been thinking about purchasing some of the Rubba tools. I really haven’t seen tools like them in the stores where I live, but I’ve read testimonials raving about how fabulous they are.

One testimonial I read, you closed the email with, “Join in on the ‘Rubba’ craze! We have Rubba Scrubbas and Rubba Sweepas – if you don’t have yours yet, go check them out before they are gone!!”

Are these items being discontinued???? Or are they just in high demand as gifts? I really hope the answer is high demand.

Thank you for everything!!


Dear Friends,

The Rubba Craze is all about our fun, fabulous Rubba tools: Rubba ScrubbaRubba Sweepa,Rubba SwishaRubba Dish Brushes and, theFlyLady Scrubba Scrubba.

They are not being discontinued! They are in high demand! It is because they are priced under $11.00! Anytime you can get a tool that does what it says it will and much much more, the word gets around!

They are being put on wish lists for all age groups. Just yesterday a 12 year old boy asked for one for his birthday.

The Rubba Tools are great to have in any home. The rubber bristles are no match for grease, grime, and other stains.  You can purchase each tool separately or in a package containing them all in the FlyShop.

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