I Didn’t Teach Him How To Do It Right

Be Kind To YouDear FlyLady,

I want to thank you for my boyfriend.  Living alone  after my DD and DS had moved out to be on their own, I had become painfully aware of how disorganized I was and had started using your methods to get my house under some semblance of control.  Fast forward a couple years, I finally found a gentleman I wanted to bring to my apartment. I was rather proud and RELAXED to bring him home.  More over, HE was relaxed.  The date went really well and now we are seriously considering living together after nearly six months of dating.  One of the things he loves is how clean and organized my home is.  He is learning who FlyLady is and is following my lead when it comes to routines.

For example, when I was married and had my kids, I was so stuck on perfection that I was paralyzed to do anything, sending me in spiral of not doing anything and loathing myself.  Now, I just close my eyes and open my heart to the fact that I even got one thing done.  When my boyfriend was vacuuming, he did just the middles.  In the past I would I have had him move the furniture and get out the edge cleaning tools and…and…and.   I think by nature guys just “do the middles” so I didn’t have teach him to do it “right”.  I hugged him tight for it and was so happy he did it.  He said thank you. How wonderful our relationship is because of you!

I want to thank you for my boyfriend.  I want to thank you, for my boyfriend.

Clover in Colorado

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