No More Later Day Weekends

Do it NowDear Flylady,

I  realize I am telling on myself here but sometimes it just has to be done.

As I prepared for my weekend  (kind of an anti-procrastination weekend),  I looked around and it was kind of discouraging to realize that my weekend was going to be full of work.  I looked around my home at all the stuff that I know I probably said, “Oh I’ll just do this later. I really don’t have time right now.” This is crazy talk! I should have been asking myself  “When will I have time to do it later?”   I had no idea how much time “Do it NOW!” saves during a day.  I also had no idea how much time it would take doing whatever  later. A whole weekend! It took a whole “Later Day Weekend!”  Later Day Weekend is like a boot camp of doing all the things we put off for later.

I was amazed at all the things I had left to do later.  I kept asking myself “Why didn’t you do this right away?  Almost everything that I had to do during my “Later Day” weekend project was something that I could have done quickly and easily within 5 mins.  But now it was going to take a whole 3-day weekend?

I wish there was a way you could drill “DO IT NOW!” into our heads.   I don’t know maybe it just takes that “aha” moment for us to get it!   Well I got it!

Today is a different day.  Dressed to shoes, Morning Routine and Weekly Home blessing are done!   Love those Podcasts. They help so much to keep me moving and focused.

Sending this now…..

Future Lazy weekend with no laters to do FlyBaby.

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