Stinkin’ Thinkin’ is Gone

Swish and SwipeDear FlyLady,

I’ve been flying on and off for the past 8 years… Although I’ve fallen off the “shiny sink” wagon many times, one thing you said has stuck with me.

It was in one of your morning musings about “Whining” and “Being a Martyr” and “Changing Stinking Thinking”…Somewhere it was mentioned, that in cleaning a toilet after her husband, a woman had reminded herself of being grateful that she HAD a husband.

Later that day, I was cleaning the toilet after my 7-old son…the usual “boy” splatters….At that moment, rather than sighing in exasperation, I instead thought of how much I loved my little guy and how happy I was to have a happy and healthy son – a son who could, yes, use a toilet and make splatters – even if that meant I had to clean them up!

Since then, 8 years now, I have never cleaned a toilet in my home without thinking of how lucky I am to have my Dear Husband, Dear Daughter, and Dear Son….

It sure beats the first 10 years of my marriage where I would get angry every time I cleaned…

It’s all how you look at it, isn’t it?

So, flying, flapping, or wiggling on the ground, you’ve changed my “Stinking Thinking” and my life forever.

Thank you!

Jan in MA


FlyLady here: This is why I refer to household chores as blessings. Everything you do is blessing yourself and your family.

As part of my morning routine, I swish and swipe my bathroom. Now this is not the crisis cleaning because company is coming and you have not touched the bathroom in months. This is a daily maintenance that keeps it company ready all the time! I know many of you don’t think that this needs to be done but I assure you that you deserve to clean and fresh smelling bathroom all the time too.

So gather up your swish and swipe tools and bless your bathroom.

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