You Are A Lifesaver

thankyouDear FlyLady,

I have to tell you, your website is just amazing! I was a FlyBaby years ago, but stopped when my daughters’ special needs took over our entire lives. I recently decided to do it again! And boy, am I glad I did! We moved into a new house on May 1st! We had only a few days to prep, pack, and move. So, I used this time to CLEAN OUT THE JUNK and focus on the priorities in my life.

We are a low income family, so I don’t have all the FlyLady items you can buy. I have seen reviews on so many of your products that I would LOVE to have in my home. As a wife, mom, daycare provider and more, I know they would make my life easier! But for now, I make do with what I can “recreate” in the mean time!

Anyways, so we moved into a new home. The place was a total disaster upon moving in. But, I put into practice the words you preach and things have come together so fast and so PERFECTLY, I am utterly amazed! If I wasn’t a believer before, I certainly am now! Things that NEVER got done in the old house, like framing and displaying family pictures, fixing furniture, my insane to do list, keeping up with my control journal, etc. are getting done now! I have committed to making May my Anti-Procrastination month and getting at least one thing a day done….and already one week in I am thinking of expanding into June. I have gotten more accomplished in one week than years before!

THANK YOU! Thank you for the awesome website, the amazing emails, answering the questions and sharing testimonials! They have really helped me keep going and remind me that I can take the time I need, by taking FlyBaby steps! The place was a pigsty when we moved in and now my sinks shine, the beds are made in the mornings, the bathrooms are clean, and we can FIND things! Even my little girl is getting on board with modified FlyLady challenges! It’s incredible to see the change in only a week!

You and your website were a godsend for me!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me a believer, not only in you, but in myself! I find that I am now calmer because more things are done and that makes me a better wife, mother, worker, and friend! THANK YOU BEYOND WORDS!

A mom who has found peace <3
ON, Canada!

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