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Declutter KitDear FlyLady,

I don’t come up with ideas this great very often, so I thought I should share.

My husband and I have been married almost 2 years, both of us having recently been divorced. We have 5 kids between the 2 of us.  That equals a ton of junk, duplicates, and stuff that was our ex’s that we just don’t want around any more.

I decided that over spring break my mission was to declutter the garage. There were at least 50 moving boxes that had never been unpacked in years of us moving in and out of previous houses; we both had been moving our ‘baggage’ from place to place.

My oldest is 15, and I needed her help.  I told her that if she helped me go through the boxes, sorting into keep, toss, donate and sell piles, that I had an offer for her.  I told her that if she took charge of the ‘sale’ pile, took pictures, and uploaded the items to local garage sale sites, that she could keep 1/2 of what we made.  She jumped at the offer. She had people buying our stuff all week.  By Friday, I had sent my DH to work with 2 truck loads of trash. We donated one truckload to a local homeless ministry and my daughter and I each had $80 in our pocket!

My husband called me a genius and was so pleased that I could finally get my car in the garage!

Thanks for your inspiration!

One Happy Mom


FlyLady Here: I am so proud of this FlyBaby! It makes us feel good when we can let go of our perfectionism and have our children help us. We have Declutter Kit in our FlyShop that is wonderful for organizing.

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