So Many Thanks Due To You

Finally Love YourselfHello FlyLady and FlyCrew,

My husband thinks I am having an affair!

I began shining my sink 5 days ago – and the bathroom got a going over, too which is now my daily routine. He hasn’t said a word yet, but he’s sure noticed as he’s keeping it tidy too! This is clearly out of character for me -as is to have shoes and make up on in the house. I just haven’t told him yet my “affair” is with the FlyLady!

Of course, I was sceptical at first. REALLY? Shine your sink and you’ll start a catalyst?  Well, sadly a simple act has totally made me aware and happily I am ENJOYING it. The sink and worktops have been clear and clean for 5 days despite my usual baking and cooking episodes and I think I may be developing OCD (for me at least – not to belittle anyone who has this real disease.)

My four year old assisted me doing a 15 minute clean of a shelf in my kitchen. I had spent weeks procrastinating this task. I set my timer and in 15 minutes, my kitchen was clean.

My home is going through an adjustment period now everyday, then it’s my studio’s turn. Most importantly, I realized I am getting clarity and ideas for my ceramic art again after “treading water” for approximately 5 years,  due to freeing up my mindspace, knowing that the household “chores” (it seems wrong to call them that now) are getting done! Wow, so many thanks due to you!

Live long, well and FLY!

Nickey, Galway, Ireland.

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