Can We Go Back To The FlyLady Days

Rock Your RoutinesDear FlyLady,

I was FLYing really well for a while then fell off the wagon – I suddenly went from part-time work to no work at all, and with nothing scheduled in my day, I felt like I had no reason to get up and get dressed. I ended up binge-watching television shows for hours and days on end! I stuck to some of my routines, but mainly didn’t do anything. Then I beat myself up for not doing anything. It has been really sad.

I pulled out my control journal (with FlyLady’s packing control journal – one of my favorite tools!) as we were preparing for a vacation, and I felt the loving and non-judgmental arms of FlyLady reminding me that I needed to get back into my routines. As if on cue, when we got in the car to go, DH started talking and said, “I really miss the FlyLady days. You know, when we vacuumed on Tuesdays and bagged the dog on Wednesdays.” (We broke up our Home Blessing Hour into days and added a few things to suit our family.)

That was all I needed to strengthen my resolve – with DH on board, we are going back to “The FlyLady Days.” Things are so much happier in our home when FlyLady’s influence is felt! We love you. Thank you for your kind encouragement and loving words to remind us to stick with it and take care of our homes so we can love ourselves!

FlyBaby S

PS: even when I was off the bandwagon, I still used my favorite purple rags to clean. Nothing cleans my shower door or my ceramic cooktop like those rags!


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