Can We Change Things Around?

Dear FlyLady,

I was wondering if I had to do the  Basic Weekly Plan just the way I see it on the Homepage when I log on.. For example, I see:

Monday is the day we do our Weekly Home Blessing.
Tuesday is a free day.
Wednesday is Anti-Procrastination day.
Thursday is errand day.
Friday is date night.
Saturday is Family fun day.
Sunday is Renew Your Spirit.

It would seem odd for me to do these things on alternate days when I see something different on my computer.



Dear Becca,

The reason that we set up a Basic Weekly Plan is because it was easier for me to mentor everyone when we were all on the same page. I have always said that you can adapt your plan to fit your family. You may want to stick with the way we do it at first, just so you will get the hang of how our system works.

Let’s just say you have a different schedule for work where your days off were on Tuesday and Wednesday. Those two days would be your weekend. You are more than welcome to change things up a bit. Weekly Home Blessing can be done over seven days. You don’t have to put together a whole hour. Some of us with busy schedules actually prefer to do one blessing a day.

Make a list of things that need to be done each week and try and divide those tasks into the days of the week. Set up a Basic Weekly Plan for yourself from those items. I put mine on Post-It Notes for months when I first got organized.

If you have not made your Control Journal then you don’t have a plan for your home. With it, your family can see exactly what you do around your home. We have all the directions on our website, but if you have allowed your perfectionism to get in the way of building yours, then just get the workbook Control Journal. It makes it so easy for you to just fill in the blanks.


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