No Surprise For A Messy Bedroom

When Pam Young showed the FlyLady all the House Fairy videos that were going to be available to Flybabies all over the world via the Internet, Marla was excited! Today, the House Fairy is in more than 20,000 homes bringing her magic and inspiration to children and peace to moms. Here’s an email from one of those moms.

Dear House Fairy,

I just wanted to take a moment to write to you and tell you how proud I am of my daughter, Charis. She has taken your advice about keeping her room clean and has completely transformed it! I no longer have to tell her to clean her room…she magically keeps it clean (must have something to do with all of that fairy dust)! You’ve taught her how to clean “the House Fairy way” and now she is PROUD of her room and enjoys showing it off to her family and friends. I just wanted to thank you for all of your wonderful surprises and encouraging letters. We love you, House Fairy!



House Fairy here:

As hard as it can be sometimes to just leave my fairy dust when a child’s room is messy (and not leave the surprise I have wanted to leave), I know that we need to set reasonable standards and guidelines for our children to follow so they can grow up to luxuriate in a well-ordered home. Charis is already reaping the benefits of a clean and tidy room. Kid’s absolutely love order AND they love encouraging letters from me! Incidentally, “the House Fairy way” is really Mom’s way with a little magic thrown in. House Fairy makes happy kids and happier moms.

{{{Hugs}}}  House Fairy

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